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College Football Key Trends: Oct. 4-6

College Football Trends 

Here are the latest key college football trends for the week of Oct. 4-6  Remember that trends are just a tool to help in college handicapping. Other factors such as stats, weather, injuries and key information are also big factors.

All stats are against the spread unless otherwise indicated

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012:
East Carolina at Central Florida:
ECU is: 1)Dog is 5-2 L7 in series. 2) UCF is: 1)3-1 L4 in series. 2)5-2 L7 in CUSA openers. 

USC at Utah: USC is: 1)22-8 off a bye. 2)8-1 off a conf. game. Utes are: 1)4-2 L6 as a home dog. 

Arkansas State at Fla Int: ASU is: 1)6-14 L20 SBC road games. FIU is: 1)Home team is 4-0 L4 in series. 

Friday, Oct. 5, 2012:
Pittsburgh at Syracuse: Pitt is: 1)3-0 L3 in series. 2)12-5 L17 Big East road games. Cuse is: 1)22-14 L36 in series. 2)6-1 after a bye. 3)22-15 L37 as a home fave.

Utah State at BYU: UTS is: 1)4-0 l4 in series. 2)0-7 off ATS wins in 4 of their last 5 games. BYU is: 1)Home team is 7-2 L9 in series. 

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012:
Navy at Air Force: Navy is: 1)8-1 L9 in series. 2)4-0 L4 on the road in series. AF is: 1)2-11 L13 as a home fave. 2)3-10 L13 as a DD fave.

Michigan State at Indiana: MSU is: 1)7-1 L8 in series. 2)5-1 L6 on the road in series. IU is: 1)3-6 L9 Big 10 home openers. 2)18-26 as a home dog. 

Northern Illinois at Ball State:
 BST is: 1)3-1 L4 in series. 2)0-5 in 1st of BB home games.

Boston College at Army: BC is: 1)5-0 L5 on the road in
series. 2)2-9 L11 as a road fave. Army is: 1)3-9 L12 hosting BCS schools since 1998. 

Bowling Green at Akron: BG is: 1)4-0 L4 in series. 2)3-0 L3 on the road in series. 3)1-7 ATS off a combined score of 80+ points  

Miami-Ohio at Cincinnati:
MIO is: 1)7-1 before playing Bowling Green. Cincy is: 1)5-1 L6 in series. 2)4-0 L4 at home in series. 

Georgia Tech at Clemson: GT is: 1)Dog is 19-4 L23 in series. 2)3-16 ATS off BB Overs

Virginia at Duke:
UVa is: 1)7-12 L19 as a rod fave L11yrs.  Duke is: 1)4-0-1 L5 in series. 2)5-1 L6 at home in series. 

South Florida at Temple: Tem is: 1)5-0 after playing Penn State. 2)11-2 L13 vs. Big East.

Northwestern at Penn State:
NW is: 1)0-4 L4 in series. 2)10-2 away after gaining 525+ total yards. PSU is: 1)5-1 L6 at home in series. 2)7-1 after playing Illinois. 

Kent State at Eastern Michigan: Emich is: 1)11-19-1 as a conf. home dog. 2)7-18 at home off a non-conf. game.
Connecticut at Rutgers: UConn is: 1)6-2 L8 in series. 2)4-1 L5 on the road in series. Rut is: 1)14-22-1 L37 after a bye week. 

Florida State at NC State: FSU is: 1)1-6 L7 in series. 2)16-3 off a SU road win. NC State is: 1)3-0 L3 at home in series. 2)8-2 prior to a bye week. 
UMass at Western Mich: no key trends

Vanderbilt at Missouri: Vandy is: 1)10-2 in 2nd of BB road games. Mizzou is: 1)4-1 L5 vs. SEC. 2)8-1 L9 as a home fave of 3.5-10 points. 3)20-7 at home after having 100 or less rushing yards.

Texas A&M at Ole Miss: A&M is: 1)1-8 L9 conf. games. 2)1-6-1 L8 vs. SEC. Ole Miss is: 1)0-4 L4 as a home dog of 3.5 to 10pts. 2-6 L8 in SEC home games. 

Va. Tech at North Carolina: VT is: 1)3-0 L3 on the road in series. 2)15-5 away off BB non-conf. games.  UNC is: 1)5-0 L5 as a home fave. 2)Host in this series is 0-6. 3)0-6 after forcing 4+ turnovers. 

Washington at Oregon:Wash is: 1)1-7 L8 in series. 2)0-5 L5 road games. Oreg is: 1)4-1 L5 at home in series. 2)Fave is 9-1-1 L11 in series. 

Georgia at South Carolina: Geo is: 1)1-6 in 1st of BB road games. 2)0-7 L7 as a dog. SC is: 1)Home team is 1-5-1 L7 in series. 2)5-0 L5 in series. 3)8-2 off a win by 21+ points.

West Va. at Texas: WVa is: 1)2-6 L8 following a SU win. 2)5-2 L7 following an ATS loss. Tex is: 1)4-1 L5 overall. 2)3-6 before facing Oklahoma. 3)26-13 off BB overs.

Iowa State at TCU: IST is: 1)0-3 L3 in series. 2)4-0 L4 road games. TCU is: 1)4-0 L4 at home vs. Big 12. 2)24-8 L32 following an ATS loss. 3)9-0 off 3+ unders. 

Illinois at Wisconsin:
Ill is: 1)4-1 L5 in series. 2)Dog is 4-1 L5 in series. 3)5-16 off BB losses by 17+ points. Wisky is: 1)0-4 L4 as a home fave. 2)Home team is 5-1 L6 in their series. 

Kansas at Kansas State: KU is: 1)0-3 L3 in series. 2)6-16 as a road dog of 21.5+ poitns. KSt is: 1)7-1 L8 at home inse ries. 2)6-1 off SU dog win. 3)Fave is 9-3 L12 in series. 

UCLA at California: UCLA is: 1)1-3 L4 in series. 2)5-0 L5 as a road fave. Cal is: 1)6-1 L7 at home in series. 2)Home team is 4-1 L5 in series. 

Arkansas at Auburn: Ark is: 1)3-1 L4 in series. 2)0-7 L7 road games. Aub is: 1)6-2 L8 in Oct. 2)14-6 L20 conf. games. 3)2-8 as a home fave of 7.5 to 10 points.

Michigan at Purdue: Mich is: 1)1-3 L4 in series. 2)6-15 off a SU loss. Pur is: 1)Home team is 4-1 L5 in series. 2)4-13 at home off a combined score of 70+ points.

Wyoming at Nevada: Wy is: 1)1-7 in 2nd of BB rd games. Nev is: 1)4-0 L4 conf. games. 2)10-0 L10 at home vs. MWC. 3)24-12 as a home fave. 4)3-7 in weeks 5 through 9. 

New Mexico State at Idaho: NMST is: 1)1-3 L4 on the road in series. 2)Dog is 4-0 L4 in series. 3)7-0 L7 in Oct. Id is: 1)7-3 L10 in series. 2)8-24 at home off a road loss. 

Arizona at Stanford:Ariz is: 1)4-12-2 L18 Pac-12 rd games. Stan is: 1)4-1 L5 in series. 2)6-0 L6 in Oct. 3)18-7 as a favorite.

Oklahoma at Texas Tech: OU is: 1)7-13 before playing Tx. TT is: 1)Home team is 5-1 L6 in series.  2)22-10 after forcing 4+ turnovers. 

Central Michigan at Toledo: CMich is: 1)1-3 L4 in series. 2)1-8 L9 vs. conf. opponents. Tol is: 1)Fave is 4-1 L5 in series. 2)Home team is 4-1 L5. 3)4-0 L4 conf. games. 

Boise State at Southern Miss: BST is: 1)6-0-1 in 2nd of BB rd games. 2)8-0 away vs. non-conf. opponents. SM is: 1)2-6 L8 as non-conf. dogs. 

Rice at Memphis: Rice is: 1)4-9 L13 rd games. Memp is:
 1)1-5 L6 home games. 2)6-17-3 L26 in Oct. 

Wake Forest at Maryland:WF is: 1)Dog is 1-4 L5 in series. 2)4-0 following an ATS loss. 3)5-13 before a bye week. Md is: 1)3-1 L4 in series. 2)5-1 L6 at home in series. 3)0-7 off BB losses. 

Miss. State at Kentucky: MST is: 1)3-0 L3 in series. 2)3-
 0 L3 on the road in series. Ky is: 1)Home team is 1-5 L6 in series. 

Washington St at Oregon St: WST is: 1)0-3-1 L4 rd
 games. 2)1-4 L5 in series. OSU is: 1)Home team is 1-5 L6 in series.

UNLV at Louisiana Tech: UNLV is: 1)0-8 in 2nd of BB rd games. LT is: 1)11-1 vs. a team with a losing record. 2)19-7 L26 overall.

Tulsa at Marshall:Tul is: 1)7-1 L8 conf. rd games. 2)7-0 away after scoring 37+ points. Marsh is: 1)9-0-1 L10 at home vs. a team w/a winning record. 

Miami-Fla at Notre Dame (Soldier Field): Canes are: 1)0-4 L4 vs. Indep. teams. ND is: 1)3-1 L4 in series. 2)9-3 L12 neutral site games. 

Buffalo at Ohio: Buf is: 1)Dog is 4-1 L5 in series. 2)0-6 playing on turf. OH is: 1)3-1 L4 at home in series. 2)15-9 L24 vs. MAC teams at home.

Nebraska at Ohio State: Neb is: 1)0-3-1 L4 rd games. 2)4-1 L5 on field turf. OSU is; 1)21-8 L29 in Oct. 2)1-6 L7 home games. 3)31-16 at home off a road win. 

Hawaii at San Diego State: Haw is: 1)0-4 in 2nd of BB rd games. SDST is; 1)8-2 L10 in series. 2)4-0 L4 following an ATS loss. 

Fresno State at Colorado State: Fresno is: 1)0-3 L3 in series. 2)11-24 away in October. CST is: 1)4-0 L4 at home in series. 2)Dog is 4-1 L5 in series. 

LSU at Florida: LSU is: 1)Rd team is 8-3 L11 in series. 2)10-1 L11 after allowing less than 170yds passing in their previous game. Fla is: 1)0-4 L4 in Oct. 2)0-6 off 3+conference games. 

Texas State at New Mexico: NM is: 1)0-5 L5 in Oct. 2)4- 0 L4 following an ATS win. 

SMU at UTEP: SMU is: 1)0-5 L5 in series. 2)0-5 L5 conf. games. UTEP is: 1)Dog is 6-0 L6 in series. 2)3-13 at home after losing 4 of their last 5 games.

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